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annnddd now its awkward :( So sorry for this lol, i thought this was the right url grrrr, thank you for like not yelling at me. But I'd still like to RP with you :D

Hahaha it’s all good!

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hey! in Fairy tail episode 175, when Happy says to Natsu , "im not gonna say anything" , Do you know what Happy meant by that? Like what is the "anything"?

When Happy said that, he meant that he doesn’t need to say anything. Happy and Natsu had been together since forever and just a simple “good luck” won’t do. Happy doesn’t need to say anything. I don’t know how to explain but if you were best friends with someone, you just know. You don’t need words to describe it. :)

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Hey kiah, (If this is the right blog then yes i know who you are) it's marky, this is my blog, and i followed yours :D

I’m sorry but I’m not Kiah! :(

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Fairy Tail Team


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"True, Jellal may be at fault for Simon's death...but Jellal didn't kill him. It was me." | FT(S2) Ep 10

You may be able to kill a god, but I don’t know about a fairy.

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Natsu comparing future Lucy and present Lucy's weight XD | Nalu Moment | FT(S2) Ep 10



The boys break out into a brawl while away on their mission and come home to get treated by their other halves, trying to sustain their male ego as they explain what happened.

I’m in a celebratory mood since this is the first day of my holidays which took FOREVER to come.. So I threw in some Gruvia and Gajevy too! Also, I’m watermarking my works now because seeing it being reposted repeatedly without credits makes me feel really furious, aha.

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That way I’ll never forget…

Episode 68 vs 185

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Erza vs Kagura

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"I’m sorry…"
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Good luck, Gajeel.

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Come to think of it, I never introduced myself. I’m Jellal Fernandes. Erza…

Me? I’m Erza. Just Erza. 

Only one name is lonely. 

Hey! What are you…? 

That’s a beautiful scarlet. That’s it! Lets make it “Erza Scarlet.”

Erza Scarlet… 

It’s the color of your hair. This way, I’ll never forget you.

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